What is Ashiatsu Massage?

ashiatsu massage


Relaxing can be under-defined, as it could sometimes be only described with soft music, dim lighting and subtle manipulation of an expertly trained hand, not until you discover ashiatsu massage.  However, massage therapy is a great way to ease tension from your body, ease the stress of the day and work on any strains on the body. However, there are quite several massages that are out there and these massages serve different purposes.

Unlike many massaging techniques, ashiatsu massage is a barefoot massage that would readily provide consistent pressure without causing any form of discomfort or pain to themselves or the receiving clients. Usually, to ensure a fluidly and relaxing massage, people apply cream and oil on the body and use parallel bars for balance, support, and safety.

Ashiatsu barefoot massage is a massage technique people perform for thousands of years in the Asian part of the world. In fact, in Japanese language ashiatsu means foot pressure. Until recently, people introduce ashiatsu bars to aid easy applications. People make this massage to bring balance to the body, mind, and soul. It works with both pressure and compression, and it squeezes the entire body from above to below. This massage affects the internal organs, and it is also a soft integration that realigns the body. It is also an opportunity to adjust the skeletal system as well as relax and stretch contracted muscles.


Does ashiatsu massage imply a literal walking on my back?

This is not entirely true. Cream or oil is usually applied, which allows a slow gliding over the muscle tissue, it allows flowing strokes along the muscle fibers. The feet are used as it covers much surface than the hand, this allows a large coverage of the muscle at a time.  The parallel tables and portable ashiatsu bars make ashiatsu much easier as the tables are fastened securely allowing support and appropriate pressure.

Does the ashiatsu massage hurt?

The comfort of the receiving client is a top priority for any masseur, thus the amount of pressure exercised is highly regulated by ensuring the client is communicated to at intervals to ensure safety. However, while the saying “no pain, no gain” may be true, the clients’ sensitivity to pressure largely determines the level of intensity.

Does it have to deep tissue to be ashiatsu?

Not. Ashiatsu can readily be made to suit your desire, this means that for clients that desire a relaxing experience to release the tension in their body, the Swedish ashiatsu style can be applied. Ultimately, our style is dependent on your choice, the depth can also be regulated by the masseur’s use of bars.

Is ashiatsu as productive as deep tissue massage?

Don’t underestimate the power of massage with feet, ashiatsu, ashiatsu provides the same details as deep tissue massage. Where the deep tissue massaging technique may find it difficult to release tension from parts like the shoulders, because of its use of only hands, ashiatsu can leverage the feet and hands in accurately targeting stress point and releasing the pain, also the massage therapist can use both feet and hands to offer a pushing and pulling motion on the muscles applying a significant amount of pressure, causing the muscle to release.


What is a comfort when you have ashiatsu massage?

A typical deep tissue massage involves the fists, thumbs, and elbows, which the body may find discomforting. The ashiatsu massage involves foot gliding over the muscle, in fact, it is much gentler as compared to the traditional deep tissue massage, which makes it a luxurious deep tissue massage. Hence, if you seeking a massage that is intense yet satisfying, the massage ashiatsu is absolutely what you are looking for. The gravity from ashiatsu massage deliver thrice the pressure deep tissue will provide, because of the use of the feet that provides consistent pressure and contours to the body, you are assured of an extra range of movement and decrease in chronic tension, also relief without having to endure painful strokes is a big advantage for your body.

Ashiatsu massage frees up bundled nerves

This massage involves movements along the paraspinal and the lumbar region that allows relief muscle spasms and also open intervertebral forearm that allows the passage of the spinal nerve. This means that proper circulation is made available causing several parts of the body to receive freshly oxygenated blood, this calms you down and reduces the stress in your body.

Ashiatsu elongates the muscles and detoxifies the body.

Ashiatsu strokes are aimed at elongating the spine, the movements are aimed at stretching shortened muscles, which relieves pain and discomfort, it is also essential for flushing the body’s lymphatic system which is effective in releasing metabolic waste.

We usually recommend drinking water before and after the massage to aid detoxification.

Ashiatsu also improves posture and decreases pain.

Due to the intensity of massage ashiatsu, it can improve posture and flexibility, and also eliminate muscle pain and bodily functions, allowing a higher sense of balance and well-being. It reduces chronic pain. Ashiatsu massage can be regarded as deep tissue, hence it is very effective in reducing pain, relieving muscle tension and loosen tight muscles.

Great relief, no pain.

As much as the intensity could be, it does not break blood vessels, hence bruising never happens.

It provides this intense yet soothing feel to your muscles, and do not damage the superficial tissue, as it is not rough at all to the body, making it both comfortable for the client and the masseur. The effects last longer.

Ashiatsu massage is made to target all knotted areas in the body and iron them to create a rhapsodic effect in the body, more importantly, the effect lasts much longer, making your muscles more relieved and flexible.  As much as ashiatsu recounts tons of healing potentials and capability, it is still unsuitable for some people because of its compressive nature and extra precautions that it requires. It is unsuitable for people with:

  • High blood pressure
  • Fresh injuries or surgeries
  • Surgical implant
  • Advanced diabetes
  • Certain medications
  • Acute liver or kidney disorders
  • Contagious skin disorders and some other sensitive situations.

If you are still asking if ashiatsu massage is for you, think no further. Ashiatsu massage is made to be intense yet soothing enough to reduce stress, eliminates chronic pain, provide just the pressure that your body needs as well as improve posture, alongside these benefits is its safety and balance it brings to the body.

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