Why Bodyworks Massage Therapy Remains The All-Time Massage

bodyworks massage

Bodywork massage is a form of alternative medicine that caters to the physical, emotional and mental aspects of your body. It involves therapeutic techniques that work the body with several forms of manipulative therapy or energy medicine. The aim of this therapy is to improve posture, promote awareness of the mind, and to manipulate the electromagnetic field that surrounds the body and affect the health. Bodywork is much concerned about working through the physical tissues of the body, to promote health and wellness. This means that it works with the body’s muscles, nerves, pressure, thus improving functions, enhancing circulation, promote tissue repair and unstuck your life.

This makes the bodywork not just all about massage, but also inculcates several kinds of therapeutic touch like massage, acupressure, reflexology and regimented movement of body parts. Hence, it ranges from very gentle work with light or no touch work to uncomfortable modalities. It makes this therapy of several kinds. However, most types of massage bodywork are aimed at relieving pain, improve physical functioning, cause flexibility, a heightened sense of the body and several other countless active participation in your health and wellbeing.


While lots of people are familiar with regular massage, bodywork massage has proven to deliver a whole lot of wonder to the body. If your body experiences chronic pain and aches, it may be a call for a new kind of massage – the bodywork massage, as it provides a holistic approach and luxurious pampering to your body and soul. Bodywork massage has proven as an effective form of medicine that improves healthy habits, sleep, boosts immunity, alleviates headaches, reduces depression, etc.


Though both involve a form of manipulation on the body tissue, gliding, and stroking, however, body works remain a holistic term that involves massaging as a form of its therapy. Bodywork massage is much intense as it involves other forms such as herbal, energy therapy, acupuncture, Thai, shiatsu and meditation, indeed, the sphere of bodywork is overarching. Where massage will involve stroking and manipulation of specific areas of the body to aid relaxation of the muscles, bodywork ensures to develop a form of relationship with the client’s body, discover specific body mechanics to reveal root causes of certain ailments, consequently, causing an overall relaxation, including emotionally.

Bodywork is more than a massage. It is a total practice. It is mindful and specific. It is a conversation with the body and the eagerness from the body-worker to see the body respond, to facilitate long-term healing.


The benefits of having a full bodywork massage cannot be overemphasized. It is an encompassing approach and integrative medicine that releases the body from its routines and stress culmination. Aside from increasing relaxation and reducing blood pressure and anxiety, it also provides a physiological, drug-free and non-invasive approach to healing and treatments.

Other benefits includes:

  • Improves blood circulation. Bodywork ensures the body generates more oxygen and nutrients into the tissues and organs.
  • Relaxes and heals injuries and stressed muscles
  • Shortens recovery time and helps the body eliminates pain from strenuous activities
  • Improves joint flexibility by ensuring tissues and knots are relaxed.
  • Alleviates low back pain and improves motion
  • Helps you to become more aware of your body and increases self-esteem
  • Increases the secretion of dopamine and serotonin, allowing the decrease in stress and depression
  • Allows the elimination of metabolic wastes from cellular activities.
  • Anti-aging benefits are also served.
  • It has expertise in treating gastrointestinal diseases.
  • Chronic pain, CNS disorders, fibromyalgia, seizures, hormonal disorders, and several disorders can be eliminated by massage and bodywork.


In bodywork, a lot of forms and kinds of massage and techniques make it up, this is why it has remained the most effective type of medicine. It effectively integrates several techniques in one allowing it to pass as an integrative bodywork massage serving your body with therapeutic benefits and healing wonders.

Therapeutic massage: This bodywork massage involves forms of massage that communicates to your body on how therapeutic and relaxing massages could be. It is made to reduce stress, pain and work on specific areas of the body. Techniques involved in therapeutic massage include sports massage technique, trigger point therapy, etc. ultimately, it is done to suit the client’s needs. It is great for improving skin tone, reducing stress hormones, relaxation, etc.

Another form is the integrative bodywork. It is a holistic approach that is capable of turning debilitating injury, physical, emotional, or energy imbalance into an improved physical and emotional wellbeing.

Integrative bodywork is associated with several massage and bodywork techniques such as Swedish massage, Thai yoga massage, deep tissue massage, shiatsu, reflexology, etc. integrative bodywork is tailored with the client’s needs in view; present and past injuries, bodywork preferences. This essentially provides countless benefits like increase of blood and oxygen flow, high blood pressure, joint pain, decrease in lower back pain, headache frequency, improved immune system and flexibility, ultimately, clients derive therapeutic massage and bodyworks techniques that ensure the wellbeing of their body.

Asian bodywork therapy is another form of bodywork massage that uses the hand and finger pressure along the body’s energy paths. It aims to restore and balance the flow of energy across the body. Asian bodywork is interested in not just the restoration of the body but also the mind and spirit hence involve degrees of touching with several pressures and also applications of heat or cold, stretching as well as herbs, which makes it recognized also as a form of oriental bodywork.

Ultimately, bodywork massage provides adequate attention to your being – physical, emotional and mental, it could pass as a form of massage, however, it culminates several other techniques and channels to the end that the client’s body is sound and well communicated to. A body-worker is a more intense person as he/she familiarizes with the body such that therapeutic bodywork, as well as a healing body, is instilled in the body and you are left much relaxed. This means that you do not make bodywork a rare routine but a regular one, as it helps your therapist to discover your body and aids communication.

You would agree with me that bodywork massage is certainly an all-time massage.

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