5 Best Deep Tissue Massager 2021 – Reviews & Guide

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A deep tissue massager has so much to do with how you combat stress. It helps relieve muscle pain, which is inevitable after a long period of hard work, which you engage in. It also solves back problems which you have probably complained about after so much work at the office or home, and it can as well make your skin look better and finer. Whatever the case, a deep tissue massage is exactly what you need. Choosing a best deep tissue massager, however, may be quite expensive, especially when you know nothing about what it should look like.

Deep Tissue Percussion Massager Reviews (Updated)

This is a compiled list of the top five (5) massagers you can choose from any day and anytime. Carefully considering the different attachment, massage technique, head, portability, you would find this list helpful.

RENPHO Rechargeable Handheld Massager
Price: $$
Size: 15 x 3 x 4.5 inches
Weight: 1.76 pounds
Power Type: Rechargeable
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Wahl Percussion Therapeutic Handheld Massager
Price: $$
Size: 6.5 x 16 x 10.9 inches
Weight: 1.6 pounds
Power Type: Corded
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Naipo Handheld Percussion Massager with Heat and Massaging
Price: $$
Size: 17.5 x 3.7 x 3.7 inches
Weight: 2.65 pounds
Power Type: Corded
View at Amazon
Mo Cuishle Electric Handheld Massager
Price: $$
Size: 17.5 x 5 x 4.4 inches
Weight: 2.4 pounds
Power Type: Corded
View at Amazon
TheraFlow Handheld Percussion Massager
Price: $$
Size: 14.8 x 4 x 3.3 inches
Weight: 2.49 pounds
Power Type: Corded
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1. Renpho Rechargeable Handheld Massager Review

RENPHO rechargeable massager is the device made for your muscle, back, calf, foot, neck, shoulder and several other parts of the body. It is incredibly powerful with a pulse of 3600 per minute and has a long-lasting battery of 2600mAh. RENPHO is rechargeable which makes it not just portable to use but also convenient to use. You can use it at any time or place, after work or sport, day or evening.

It also has five (5) massage heads which allows the deep tissue massage to be used on several parts of the body, and it has the round head for the neck, shoulder, back, the curved head for the arms and legs, the three (3) points heads for the joints. RENPHO also has different modes and speed limit that allows you decide the speed or mode of massage you desire. Want to know more? You can read renpho massager review.


  • Safer to use because of the auto-stop function.
  • Portable.
  • The modes are easy to use.


  • For many new users, it makes be considered aggressive.
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2. Wahl Percussion Therapeutic Handheld Massager For The Back Pain

You have a complaint of stress, large muscle fatigue, pain or stiffness. WAHL is a good massager for you. WAHL has a beautiful design that makes it take lesser time to cover a large area of your body. Also, the handle is well made such that your grip is well handled. It is also a strong motor that runs about 3,350 pulses per minute. This makes it work well. However, you can reduce the intensity.

There is also an option to customize the kneading to suit your mood – from the speed intensity and mode. It also has four incredible massage heads – the four-finger flex that gives you the professional masseuse feel. The deep muscle recovery massage stimulates blood circulation, improves muscle flexibility also and the acupoint massage head. WAHL has medium portability, as it has an 8 feet long power cord that allows you to keep it plug yet to use it anywhere in the room. Want to know more? You can read wahl massager review.


  • Beautiful design that allows its portability.
  • It has very good attachments.


  • While using it, it can be loud and strong, you may need to repeatedly adjust the intensity.
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3. Naipo Handheld Percussion Massager With Heat And Deep Tissue Massaging

NAIPO hand-held percussion massager with heat is excellent for muscle pain relief. It works by working thoroughly on the sore muscles, and it’s suitable for the elbow, hand, fingers and other parts of the body like this. There is six incredible massage node on it. The round mode is to give a gentle touch, the intensive massage node for areas like the waist, back, neck and legs and the pinpoint massage node that gives an acupuncture massage.

It has a powerful in-built motor that can run for over 3800 pulses per minute, and has a beautiful design which makes it environmentally friendly. It can also be used anywhere and anytime, even in the office.


  • NAIPO has a great reach, you can reach your lower back, neck and shoulders without any hassle.
  • It also has this heating feature that helps to relax your muscle and stimulate blood flow.


  • It has not so portable to handle, it is bulky.
  • The heat feature is averagely done. Some users may want more heat which many other massagers can provide and NAIPO can’t.
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4. Mo Cuishle Electric Handheld Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massager

MO CUISHLE massager can be used by anyone, known to work incredible wonders on muscle fatigue. It can work on the shoulders, back, neck, leg, and foot, and has a unique heating massaging technique that allows it to directly touch your skin with its gentle heat – this is extremely soothing. It’s powerful motor that runs up to 3900 pulses per minute, this is almost unbeatable. You also have a variable speed feature to select from depending on where you are working on. It has a great design that allows easy grip and ability to wield it around to be used on any part of the body.


  • It has a lightweight design which makes it easy to handle and use.


  • It could be regarded as aggressive especially for areas like the joints.
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5. Theraflow Powerful Handheld Percussion Massager

THERAFLOW massager is typical for relaxing. It works in the scalp, shoulder, back, neck, foot, body, etc. Just like a typical therapeutical massager with a masseur, that allows relaxation, relieve stress and pain, this device is specially made for it. It has 3 massage heads that allows you to customize your experience. These attachments are also made of silicone which makes it neither hard nor soft but perfect for your massage experience. The dual point attachment mimics the masseur hands in performing the kneading massage, and the shiatsu heads allows a deeper pressure. All in all, they are incredible for your muscles. It has a long cord which gives it medium portability.


  • The massage attachments are very helpful especially for users looking for a relaxing effect.
  • Super quiet.


  • It may not be convenient to use.
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A Complete Buying Guide For Deep Tissue Percussion Massagers

Stress on the body can be such a big deal as it slows you down and causes you pain, hence you may want to consider having a massage. Having a massage can never be underestimated, as it helps to lower pressure, relieve body pain and as well allows relaxation for your body.

What Is Deep Tissue Massage?

It’s a therapy that helps to tighten the inner muscles and tendons. It places attention on reinvigorating deeper layers of the muscles and connective tissues. Mostly we do this perform for professional athletes, runners and people with pains or aches like stiff neck, upper or lower back pain and leg muscles soreness. It is much firmer and slower; hence it places just the right pressure to loosen the tension on the muscles.

Going to the spa or having a masseur do your massage may cost quite a lot. However, there’s something that can save you all that – the hand-held massager. It is made with many technicalities and exquisite, and is made to release every tension with the pressure just the way your muscles want it. It is also flexible and suit any part of your body.

We all love to work, doing the regular jumping in here and there just to earn a living. However, this endless cycle accumulates strains in the body, building up stress that soon enough leaves your muscles up to a breaking point. Trust me, you need not wait until it becomes your ordeal.

Some Types Of Massage Techniques

You should know the MASSAGE TECHNIQUES the massager can provide. When you go to a professional masseur, you have lots of massage techniques that are beneficial to your muscles. However, with a hand-held massager, there are only a few numbers of massage technique that it can provide.

● KNEADING – a professional masseur which would simply compress your soft tissues against the bone structures, which is done with the hand. However, you may not be able to visit the spa. Hence the need of a handheld massager, it will perform this massage using a massage head attachments, which would push your muscles against your bone structure, and the more you push it to the skin the more intense it gets. Kneading is best for tight muscles, it allows flexibility of the muscles and relieves pain.

● TAPPING – By pounding and striking the muscle with fists, you can perform such step. The device will do this by using its massage heads that can strike the body repeatedly, thus stimulate blood flow, increase muscle elasticity and temperature.

● PERCUSSION – you can do it through several movements from the wrists. The device will do this by performing sequences of short movements that hit your muscles. The percussion massage improves blood circulation, relaxes the muscles and stimulates skin and muscle reflexes. Percussion massage is the best massage technique you can ever get from a device. The SPOT you are considering is important.

What Should The Best Massagers Have?

The best way to drive all these knots in your muscle is to buy a handheld massager. However, to have the best relaxation, it is right to use it, though choosing the best sometimes could be a tough job. As much as possible, several manufacturers have made a lot of combinations.

However, buying the most suitable device is hard work. Thus, when considering to buy a massager, you shouldn’t risk winding money away but consider every feature before buying.

1. Power Source And Capacity

A lot of massagers are made into a handheld. This makes them easy to use and portable. However, to know the kind of power source that works better for you is important. You would have to choose between the following:

● Electrical: This means that they operate with power supply. This is only a choice if you have a consistent power supply. However, this kind of massager has a cord which if not long enough it could be a problem, however, still provides the best motor consistency.

● Rechargeable: These are much portable. However, they have a lifespan of three (3) hours, even with an extended life, they still die, and power intensity is affected. Also, in selecting the best deep tissue massager machine, its purpose must first be considered. A device serving a deeper and intense massage would demand more power capacity than the one serving a soothing and relaxing massage.

relief on way

2. Portability

The best home deep tissue massager should be one that is portable and light in weight to carry. It shouldn’t be one that is a liability in your home. It should, however, be able to stay alive for a longer period. This is what Tim Tam massager can give, it has a lithium battery.

Portability is also determined by the cord length. The cordless massager is the most portable. Massager with long cords is of medium portability since you can move around with it. Unlike the ones with short cords, it could be quite tedious to work with. An example is the Tim Tam massager which is cordless, thus, can be considered as a portable deep tissue massager.

3. Versatility

The best deep muscle massager must have variety, several modes, nodes or head. Heads such as the roller head, scalp massage head, scraper head, kneading massage head, wide massage head, and several others, also speed and intensity. Since such a device could be used for any part of the body, it must be able to work as a massager back, lower back pain, etc. This means that it has varying speed, modes, and nodes.

4. Massage Technique

Every massage technique has its peculiarity and benefits. While using a handheld massager, there are quite some techniques you can try with the massage head made available, some of which are:

● Kneading Massage Technique: This involves compressing the soft tissues underneath bone structures, which can ordinarily be done by a masseur with the hand. However, with a professional deep tissue massage machine using the available attachments, it is possible to have kneading possible, which would ease every tension and reduce pain and flexibility. This is a massage technique you should look out for when choosing the best deep tissue back massager.

● Percussion Technique: You can perform it by the handheld massager by stimulating range of motion by tapping the muscles in a short sequence. This technique improves the blood circulation in the muscle. The best deep tissue percussion massager is mostly the handheld one as it is usually specially made to handle this. Another technique is the tapping technique. An ability to perform all these techniques will pass any one as a top-rated deep tissue massager.

neck and upper back

5. Heat Therapy

Another feature to consider is heat therapy, which can be used for exertion soreness, lower back pain, muscle knots. A deep tissue massage lower back pain is one that can improve circulation, help to regain muscle flexibility, allow oxygen to reach the muscle, which is better given by massagers with heat.

Another massage therapy that would specifically need this feature is the deep tissue sports massage, which mostly has to deal with muscle flexibility, exertion soreness, chronic pain, massager with heat is highly recommended. Something to strongly consider when buying a massager with heat is to ensure it has a thermostat to prevent overheating.

6. Speed And Intensity

A valuable feature for any massager is the setting that gives room for adjusting the speeds or intensity of the massage. This means that you get to adjust the machine to suit your mood and the issue or muscle at the time. Before naming any device a professional massage machine, we should consider this specifically.

7. Massage Head

Noticeably, there are some massagers with one head or two. The single head is efficient for hitting just the right spot. With a wide attachment it would even function on a large surface in a short time but the narrow attachment would only make progress with time. However, the double head is much more effective, especially when a large surface is intended. This is mostly considered when choosing the massagers for back.

Before you buy a massager, you should consider the part of your body that needs attention, though massagers are versatile, it is still important to consider their peculiarities, this will aid your decision in choosing the one that would best suit the part of your body that needs attention. This is when your money is worth the deal.

deep tissue percussion leg

8. How Portable Do You Want Your Deep Tissue Massagers?

You should consider how and where you would be using the massager if you are mobile, it is important to consider a portable one. However, portability is defined by the length of the cord. Massager that are cordless are highly portable as it allows you to move it everywhere and anywhere, while massagers with 13-14 feet cords are averagely portable, as the length of the cord can still allow mobility however massagers with 3-4 feet cords are poor in portability as it would only restrict your movement and make it stressful to use.

9. The Kind Of Power Cord Is Also Important

In choosing the most suitable massager, most people prefer hand-held one because wireless, thus allowing flexibility, mobility, comfort and you can use it without electricity, which makes it easy to use and recharge. However, there are two kinds of power cords, the cord and cordless. To disregard massager with short power cords is also important, as this reduces mobility and could be a handful. The power cord will infer that a power source is involved which is of two types.

● ELECTRICAL: This means that the massager makes use of electricity to function. This usually is the best because it provides consistency for the device. However, the cord could be an issue.

● RECHARGEABLE: In this case, electricity is not used, which makes it depend on battery for function. As much as this is a good choice because it is portable, it could be a flaw especially when the lithium-ion battery cannot give 3 hours span, which would only affect the power intensity.

deep tissue percussion neck

10. How Much Speed Can It Give?

This is another feature to consider. You can’t forget to consider the speed settings at which the massager is working with. The massage is usually intense and slow. However, if your muscles are sensitive or you are not conversant with the massager you have, you can choose one that is of lesser intensity.

11. How Many Sizes Can Your Space Take?

Before choosing a massager, it is important to consider the size of it. The smaller it is the more effective and easier to handle it is. You could consider an ergonomic handle with a single head that allows proper precision. The ergonomic design is good for your use. However, for a wider and more comfortable massager, you can attach other smaller units.

12. Heat Setting Of The Percussion Massager

Any handheld massager you are considering to buy should have a temperature feature and have a control over it. Why? It not just plays an important role in relieving pain but also enhances blood circulation and allows relaxation. However, without control over it, it would only leave a bad effect on your body. Hence, the massager is the one with heat control, and for sensitive body tissues, it is best to select one that allows a low level of heat.

deep tissue percussion back

13. Heat Massage

The best way to unwind after a long day at work is heat therapy as it provides comfort and relaxes the body so well, it also helps to relieve pain and aches excellently. Some of the benefits of using heat therapy are;

● Heat therapy is the best therapy for muscle knots as it relaxes the muscle and prevents your muscles from cramping.

● Another benefit is the effects of heat on soreness on the muscles such that it lowers the level of lactic acid in the body, hence allowing you to perform well in your daily activities.

● Handheld massagers with heat settings are perfect for relaxing your muscles and relieving tension, not just this it is also comfortable and mobile such that you can move it around without taking so much space.

● Heat therapy improves blood circulation which allows blood to reach the spine muscles thus allowing the muscles to benefit from nutrients and oxygen, it will also allow the muscles to gain its flexibility

You should consider massagers with heat therapy, the benefits are quantifiable and tremendous, other benefits include: It indescribably cures soreness, it also has a very relaxed and soothing feel on the skin. To relieve sports sprain or wounds and sore, heat therapy is the best fitness regimen, as it reduces the thickness of muscles by reducing the formation of lactic acid, hence, allowing the flow of blood around the spine.

14. The Design Is As Important As The Price

There are different handheld massagers, however, they differ in designs, hence making some better than the other. Elongated massagers, for instance, are effective for difficult spots as they allow you reach the area easily, it is also easy to handle and use. However, they usually have single heads, which may take a lot of time if you want to massage a large surface.

While short massagers are also easy to wield, it is comfortable to hold and can reach large surface without any hassle, and the wide ones which are very effective, it has a very wide nodes and the attachment can work in unison such that provides a comfortable kneading yet effective and reach a large surface of the body.

15. How Versatile Is It?

You can’t forget to consider the versatility of the massager which encompasses the nodes or heads, modes, and intensity.

deep tissue percussion

16. Nodes/Heads Attachment

Your muscles need the best care, this is why you must take time to consider the kind of attachment the device you considering has. It is the different heads and nodes attached to the massager will give room for it to be used on any part of the body and at a different level of depths. The number of heads a handheld massager has determined the number of massages it can provide as each node has its specific functions. A massager that has several kinds of heads and speed will give room for you to customize your massage experience.

17. Types Of Nodes/Heads

● Kneading massage – you can give an intense massage with this kind of head. It is usually narrow, and the producer designed it in a way that allows it to slide onto the surface of your large muscle groups with low resistance such that a deep and thorough massage experience can be produced.

● Roller head – this attachment gives a firm massage, and there is smaller bits around the head such that it allows blood circulation.

● Scalp massage – some massager comes with scalp massager. However, some just have this scalp massage head, which is usually not as effective as a scalp massager. But it still provides relaxation and comfortability.

● Scalper head – this head is making your skin bloom; it has a way to remove dead cells from the skin by stimulating blood circulation.

However, there are majorly two types of massage heads, the single head, and double head. The single head is more effective as it can reach the right spot because of its ability to have better reach, hence, this is effective for muscle knots, cramps and trigger points. While the double head has shorter reach however wide, hence it is only efficient for large surface areas, it is best for muscle soreness as it can reach an area from different angles.

18. Modes

This controls the different rhythm and results of the massager. Then the SPEED AND INTENSITY as said earlier controls the intensity of power placed on different parts of the body. The intensity placed on certain areas could be lower or higher than the other.

Additionally, the weight of the device matters greatly when choosing. How heavy and light of it should be dependent on the kind of motor it has, as it could either make the massager stable or rattle when used. Hence you should only choose massagers that are handy enough for your use and tailored to your need. Handheld device is not just comfortable and less expensive to use but also effective.

However, it would only worth your money and time if you choose the best handheld massager, hence the need to consider carefully the different features and options and also your needs as it must be able to provide the satisfaction you desire.

Conclusion For Top Massagers

Your choice of massager should be greatly influenced, as you should look out for many things which have been copiously addressed in our top five massagers.

Without doubt, in choosing the best one – it must be one that is easy to use and has enough ability to serve its purpose. You must be carefully considere it as the reason for buying it in the first place must be in mind. Before calling it your best, you must look out for essential factors. If you want a stress-free lifestyle, you should only invest your money well, and it is in choosing the best one. You may want to scroll up and read again.

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