If you come to this site, it means that at least you have some interest in solving some problems in your body, like cervical spondylosis, stiff neck, etc. My wife and I are both working at the office, and we did have cervical spondylosis to an alarming extent. It’s not comfortable, so we looked for some solutions, but we didn’t find out much useful information. Once I visited a friend and heard about a relative of him who had the same problem. She had tried the massage and the result was positive. It aroused my interest. Then, I collected some material about massage and tried it on my wife. It works. The pain was alleviated.

After that, we learned some other massage manipulations, and found that massage is such a useful thing, and also a broad thing. Along the way we also received some help from other people. Here, we want to share what we have learned. If you want to have a discussion about massage or anything related, leave a message, and we will respond as far as possible.

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