Why Massage Can Heal?

When you are not feeling very well, you go to hospital. You will get examined by a doctor, maybe get some pills or treatment, and this is the regular procedure. However, these procedures probably don’t include massage. As for how massage heals illness and improves one’s health, we will discuss it here.

Massage has a variety of uses. When the joints and tendons are struck, sprained, or stretched, you will feel that something goes wrong with your muscles. Some others are suffering the strain caused by working overtime, weakness caused by growing older, or metabolism disorders. All of these can be relieved by massage. By putting a pressure on the hurt part of your body, using the strength of hand with skill, making some changes to your bodily functions, massage can accomplish the purposes of healing.

Damaged Tendon

In ancient times, there is no X-ray. Doctors carry out examination on the hurt part of one’s body by touching it with skilful fingers, to find out injuries. For example, the tendon or the joint will change position when hurt, which leads to restricting the movement of joint. In order to solve this problem, we receive massage to adjust the tendons’ position, or take the joint back to its normal position, thus stopping tendons from being pulled, twisted, or pressed. As a result, the pain is relieved.

If someone has lumbago, they have pains in the muscles and joints of the lower back. Sometimes the leg gets pain in the same time, and it is hard to walk then. In this case, if the massage is done correctly, the joints associated will be brought back to their normal position in the long run, and the pains will be gone consequently.


Some of us have had this unpleasant experience: after putting the knee out of joint, or tearing the ligament, we probably will restrict body movement on purpose, to prevent injured part from stimulation and to ease the pain. This is human natural response for protecting oneself. The injured part will become swollen, maybe two days later the bruise forms. Since capillaries on the injured part are broken, then they are blocked and the blood flow stops there. As a result, the related bodily functions are impacted.

Massage can heal the bruise, and improve the blood circulation. It will get the stopped blood flow running again, and improve the metabolism in the injured muscles and joints so that their capabilities are increased.


After the tendon is injured, the pain will cause the reflex to be triggered which leads to muscular spasm. Although this is a protective response from the body, if it is not treated in time and properly, the spasm will stimulate nerves which in turn aggravate the spasm.

Massage can relieve the spasm and relax tense muscles because it has capacity of stabilizing. It affects the part of body in spasm directly and eases it, therefore breaks the vicious cycle of pain and spasm, and provides a foundation to make a recovery.

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